10 Bolt 8.2 'B' BUICK SKYLARK / GS 68-70

Ring Gear Diameter  8.2  'B'  Buick SKYLARK AND GS ONLY
Cover Bolt Count 1385724,  1382700
Cover Bolt Count  10
Ring gear Bolt count  10
Ring Gear Bolt Size

7/16 left hand thread 3/4 socket head bolt is left hand thread

Axle Spline 28  bolt in axle 60 degree spline
Yoke style  U bolt & nut Universal  joint retention (reference picture)
Pinion Spline 27
Carrier breaks    2.56  /  2.73-2.93   /  3.23-3.42   /  3.64- up
Pinion Diameter 1.875 <<<<<<< CAN NOT USED AFTERMARKET 8.2 GEARS!!!!!
Axle Shaft Diameter 1.382  press on bearing | 1.437 (GS Only)

Supported Cars

Car Year
Skylark  GS 68-70

Rebuild Kit

Part Part Number
Passenger Side - Carrier Bearing LM501349
Passenger Side - Carrier Bearing (Race) LM501314
Carrier Bearing             GS driver side 68-70  LM603049
Carrier Bearing (Race)  GS driver side 68-70 LM603012
Inner Pinion Bearing   GS only M804049
Inner Pinion Bearing (Race) GS only M804010
Outer Pinion Bearing 86649
Outer Pinion Bearing (Race) 86610
Pinion Seal 1968-1970 (Skylark, GS) 8620N

Mega Axle Bearing Kit

Parts Part Number
Axle Bearing  69-70 A9
Axle Bearing  SPORT WAGON 69 A10
Axle seal     69-70 (Can be 2146 also measure seal) 712146
Axle Bearing  SPORT WAGON 69 2689S
Axle Bearing  68 GS sealed bearing RW507GR
Axle Bearing  68 SPORT WAGON sealed bearing RW507GR
Axle Bearing  68 sealed bearing RW507CR
Axle Seal      68 inner tube seal 8594S